Elevate at Final Four Practice with Greg Anthony

Greg Anthony

During the Final Four, CBS Sports arranged full access for Elevate to sit in on practice time of  both the University of Kentucky and University of Kansas. It was an experience that the Elevate student-athletes would not have been able to take part in if it were not for Jennifer Sabatelle (VP of communications for CBS sports), and the CBS Sports family. During our time at the practice we were also lucky enough to be visited by some of the top anchors and sports figures of the weekend, such as Clark Kellogg, Ronald Nored of Butler University and pictured above Greg Anthony.

At Elevate we continue to give our student-athetes opportunities and experiences to enlighten their minds as well as open up their eyes to a world outside of New Orleans. As we continue to share these experiences it can only lend itself to us “Developing winners for Life”.


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