Elevate to move onto Loyola University campus


Elevate is proud to announce the relationship between Loyola University and Elevate continues to grow! This fall Elevate will be housed on the prestigious Loyola campus, and their staff will be hands on with the academic portion of Elevate. Loyola continues to embrace Elevate and its mission to serve the inner-city student-athletes of New Orleans. Moving forward Elevate will be able to serve more inner-city student-athletes thanks to Loyola’s involvement.

Elevate says goodbye to Kingsley House… for the past year Kingsley House has been our home, and gave Elevate the opportunity to be a part of one of the most respected and recognized organizations within the New Orleans non-profit sector. During our time at Kingsley House we had the opportunity to learn from a dedicated staff about the meaning of serving the community year in and year out for over 100 years. One day Elevate hopes to be an organization that can make a difference in a community just as Kingsley House has done for decades.


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