Summer Intern

Summer Internship Program In USA

Social Media

  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive social media strategy to increase visibility of Elevate/Elevate_Next and drive traffic to the website and social media platforms
  • Create a set of management standards, policies and rules of engagement for social media
  • Define key performance indicators and implement methods to gauge success
  • Explore ways to integrate social media into business strategies and marketing campaigns
  • Apply marketing research and development methods to learn and understand emerging trends and technologies; communicate this knowledge clearly and concisely
  • Identify, create and promote engaging content to promote Elevate/Elevate_Next
  • Interact with customers online in order to create informed and relevant content and to build relationships
  • Identify and engage relevant industry influencers
  • Understand and appraise how new and specialist social media platforms can be used to further content reach


  • Write and edit informational and promotional materials
  • Assist with mailings, calls and general communication with current and prospective customers
  • Research competition to identify areas of opportunity
  • Attend special events to assist with communication and logistics
  • Attend planning meetings for events and marketing
  • Assist with social media postings
  • Assist with marketing material maintenance
  • Prospect partnerships to garner funding for Elevate/Elevate_Next
  • Assist in special event management
  • Compile fact sheets and design marketing materials


  • Assist in the creation of Advertising and PR strategies
  • Upload videos to online accounts
  • Ensure consistency of brand image of Elevate/Elevate_Next in all promotional, marketing, PR and advertising materials in addition to online image
  • Write press releases/seek out press coverage for Elevate/Elevate_Next events
  • Engage customers through social media outlets and advertising and promotional materials
  • Stay up to date with popular trends in social environment
  • Brainstorm ways to interact with current, future, and potential customers
  • Develop and monitor Advertising and PR campaigns
  • Assist in garnering funding through partnerships/events

Program Development

  • Locate sources of funding and soliciting major donors for campaigns
  • Create and administers fundraising programs
  • Coordinate and help lead meetings with potential funding partners
  • Develop relationships with external stakeholders
  • Prepare/develop funding proposals
  • Ensure funding partners and internal team receive information in a timely manner
  • Attend meetings, lectures, seminars and presentations related to program development
  • Develop relationships with newspapers and other publications to demonstrate a financial need for Elevate
  • Create fundraising goals and ensure programs do not exceed budget