What is Elevate



Mission: To elevate the life skills and abilities of inner-city student-athletes in America through mentor-based programs in athletic, academic and social development.

What Is Elevate Leadership Program

The ELEVATE Leadership Program (ELP) is an application-based enrichment program for select 7th-12th grade student-athletes. ELEVATE Leadership Program members participate in a daily mix of athletic, academic and social development activities on an individual and small group basis. The goal for each ELP student-athlete is matriculation at a high-performing four-year university. Since 2008, the ELEVATE Leadership Program has sent 100% of alumni to college on partial or full scholarships.

Enrolled Student-Athletes receive:

    • Daily tutoring with Loyola College students
    • 10 week ACT prep courses 2x/yr starting Freshman year of High School
    • Skill development basketball training with highly qualified coaches if GPA is above a 3.0
    • Daily hot meals provided by Second Harvest Food Bank
    • Free participation in Elevate’s AAU basketball team
    • Leadership development training on the court and in the classroom.
    • Social Development life skills including goal setting, time management and finance management
    • Participation in Elevate outings including lazer tag, Hornets games, Saints games, etc.
    • Mentoring by successful college graduates and professionals
    • Individualized attention, and programming geared towards addressing individual needs (instead of a blanket curriculum)
    • Assistance with college applications and the athletic recruiting process
    • Scholarship opportunities for outgoing seniors to assist with college tuition costs
    • Internship and employment opportunities for current college students
    • Assistance with summer job placement for college students

Enrollment Process

    • Enrollment is held once a year with process beginning in July
    • Elevate participants will enter the program in September
    • The student athlete must be entering the 7th, 8th, 9th grade to be a candidate for possible enrollment in the leadership program.
    • Student Questionnaire is filled out
    • The student athlete has been evaluated on his or her basketball skills and abilities by an Elevate Coach.
    • The candidate has demonstrated a strong desire to take the academic and athletic steps necessary to be college bound.
    • The candidate has demonstrated an intense work ethic
    • The candidate is goal-oriented
    • Fills out Elevate Application
    • Pays Application Fee of $25
    • Successful interview with Staff
    • Completes Orientation

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Elevate Community Programs

Community Programs Overview

ELEVATE recognizes the importance of expanding life skills and opportunities to the whole family and broader community, sustaining long-term change over the long term. As a result, ELEVATE has designed and implemented a number of community programs to engage youth of all ages, ELEVATE student families and the general public. Programs include, but not limited to:  weekend basketball clinics, tournaments, summer teams, healthy lifestyle workshops and cooking classes.

Elevate understands the importance of giving back to the families of student athletes as well as the community at large.

  Programs for the community

    • Sunday Basketball clinics (grades 5-8)
    • Coaches clinics
    • Elevate give back days
    • Summer basketball camps